The Little’s lake

Since Landon was newborn I like to grab a coffee and go for a little drive. The window goes down, jazz music goes on and I loose myself in the beauty of the countryside. But three boys in and well jazz has turned to whining and fussing a bit more these days and today was such a day…finally Landon pipped up and ask if we could just go to the lake and throw rocks. His go to favorite in the warm summer sunshine. This however was a cozy and cloudy 43 degrees out. Not exactly skipping rocks weather but I was just about game for anything that got us out of the car and out of the house so off we headed into the mist. Upon arriving other than an unamused puff ball of a Corgi and his master, we had the fishing dock that we call “ours” and what the boys think is their personal lake, all to ourselves. I never have the heart to tell them that we share it with great state of Washington and thankfully the little old men that occasion there to cast lines and sit in the silence with their years of wisdom don’t feel the need to destroy their dreamy bubble either. It is another little slice of heaven we’ve managed to sneak for ourselves.

This time of year there is a gostly silence as the nest have vacancies and the small sheepish minos are deep down in darker depths. The lake has iced over crisp and sparkling and we competitively skip our rocks over it to see who can slide theirs the farthest.

Loghan hasn’t quiet figured out the dangers of winters waters and has earned himself a time out in the favored “boat” Somehow I don’t think he minds. And pretty soon the cool winds blowing off the water send us running home for hot cocoa and animal crackers the way tradition usually does this time of year.

Before leaving everyones mood have shifted and it seems to have been just what was needed. I make sure to tell Landon thank you for the lovely idea but he won’t let us leave until I promise to come back tomorrow with a bolder to brake away all the ice for summer.

We both smile at eachother, If only winter worked that way….but as gorgeous as “our” lake looks today some large pepples will do till the warmth of spring comes and melts the ice and warms our cheeks.