Tiny bits of us

Hideaway Cove ~ June 14, 2018

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We needed to sneak away and make life about just us as a family. Hide away and spend time with only one another or by ourself. This year to much change had caught up with us and hard bumps along the way even though we had worked really hard last year to ensure what was suppose to be a smooth journey. “Solidarity is lifes necessary sugar that a person’s soul will turn lemons into lemonade with.”

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We weren’t exactly sure what to expect when pulling into the little last minute beach cottage we had rented, but our family needed the feeling of home and anything larger than our 875 sq foot apartment would be heavenly so beggers can’t be choosers. It turned out to be just perfect. Full of cheesy coastal charm and character, cozy floor plan and just steps away from the beach and all it’s glorious wild life.

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Tiny moments captured where there is nothing better to do then wander around serene landscapes, play board games, read our Bibles and books, or the much craved (well at least by us adults) napping spells; those are moments to live for. Moments to remember.

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Homemade “everyone help” pizza and movie night, Haystack rock, Fort Stevens, hidden beaches from Mommy’s past and way to much saltwater taffy. The boys played hard and we let go harder. We are looking forward to the time where our home is our vacation spot to get away from the weeks busy ordinary grind. But trips like these are always a good reminder to prioritize what is needed in everyday habits and appreciate the extraordinary in small moments with the ones we love.

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Little lighthouse ~ June 11, 2017

IMG_4334Loghan and I, hand in hand, snuck by and clicked this picture while trying to look inconspicuous, but in truth baby’s aren’t the greatest spy partners. No worries from the gentleman who gently waved and grin because he is living something special and knows it. Even though the sign on the porch says “welcome ” it’s as if this special place is only for the important, the select appointed few that happen upon it at the right time, right moment. It’s so simple and unassuming but seems to hold more charm than I can hardly stand. It’s this tiny little island’s lighthouse keeper’s home. One of two houses for those privlaged with keeping those waves lit and the other one is just as adorable but for some reason this one holds me captive. Each time we hop the ferry over her waters and then wind our way along the sheep littered countryside coastline, past a small single vinyard and just beyond a sunlit wooded drive we drop down and there it stands.


IMG_4337I’m in love how little and perfect it is. The beacon of hope for the local seagulls to gossip on in style. Her beaches on the north east side are breezy and usually free for roaming uninterrupted to explore the water logged fallen trees or hunt for impossible whole moon shells. But today we were counting on those sea winds to lift the sail of Landon’s first kite.


He had gotten it as a gift from his best friend/cousin Joey and could no longer contain his excitement to see it fly. Up it went on the first try and I’ve never seen a gleem of joy and pride in his bright blue eyes quite like that before. He was hooked and the rest of us went, off to find ourselves some treasures.




This was our first famiy outing in a really long time. It felt wonderful to just be for an afternoon, I think our little family is at its best when out in nature. Watching as we sailed away I’m excited to get started on the details of our new home and that little beach house is going to be a fun inspiration!

Seaside Shenanigans ~ December 31, 2016


We get cabin fever easily in our family around this time of year. Considering where we live there are just to many beautiful places just waiting to be explored, or in our case the same one over and over and over again. You have choices of being up on Mount Rainier skiing down a beautiful slope or cozying in a cabin with your favorite book. You can grab yourself a hot latte and sit back to watch the water canals and islands of the Pudget sound pass by while riding one of the many ferry boats or just walk around the diverse and unique city  of Seattle with all its wonders. It seems like everyone here has their favorite spot.


Tolmie State park is that place for us. To be frank there is nothing very grand about it. In fact, it’s actually quite simple as far as parks go. No attractions, rides, zoos, food stands, or even a swing. It is kind of out of the way and not very many have heard of it. You wind down a steep little hill to what looks like a swamp and an old out building from “Follow me Boys”.  Just a few simple paths to walk your troubles away on, an old cabin to dance your first dance in, and a view that is staright out of a fairy tail. The boys have more pebbles to skip than they can hold and the crabs are fairly friendly enough that they stay under the rocks unless curious boots peek hello. We’ve found the perfect spot for munching granola bars and waving at sail boats or quiet kayakers. It’s a slice of heaven to us.



Today was the perfect day for a quick get away to the seaside. We’ve put all our Christmas decorations away and are so ready to put the old year behind us and welcome in the new one. This past year was a hard one filled with numerous challenges that pushed us harder than we had expected and we are in need of a fresh start. But this blog is about capturing those small moments of blessings in the midst of the struggle. The blessings like when this Little ran up just for the sake of a quick snuggle to warm his small hands before running back to “catch a wave”.  My minime melts my heart.


I tend to not make resolutions in the New Year but I do hope in the months to come that I make a strong attempt to live life more intentionally so that I’m more aware of moments like these. These are what I’ll look back on later in life with a soft prayer of thanksgiving. We have a busy year ahead of us and we need focus and lots of grace in our little family. Those are the moments we hold on to and the prayers of this little family for 2017.

As for me and my house we will serve the Lord“.  Joshua 24:15

Little’s lake~ January 20, 2017


Since Landon was newborn I like to grab a coffee and go for ta little drive. The window goes down, jazz music goes on and I loose myself in the beauty of the countryside. But three boys in and well jazz has turned to whining and fussing a bit more these days and today was such a day…finally Landon pipped up and ask if we could just go to the lake and throw rocks. His go to favorite in the warm summer sunshine. This however was a cozy and cloudy 43 degrees out. Not exactly skipping rocks weather but I was just about game for anything that got us out of the car and out of the house so off we headed into the mist. Upon arriving other than an unamused puff ball of a Corgi and his master, we had the fishing dock that we call “ours” and what the boys think is their personal lake, all to ourselves. I never have the heart to tell them that we share it with great state of Washington and thankfully the little old men that occasion there to cast lines and sit in the silence with their years of wisdom don’t feel the need to destroy their dreamy bubble either. It is another little slice of heaven we’ve managed to sneak for ourselves.


This time of year there is a gostly silence as the nest have vacancies and the small sheepish minos are deep down in darker depths. The lake has iced over crisp and sparkling and we competitively skip our rocks over it to see who can slide theirs the farthest.


Loghan hasn’t quiet figured out the dangers of winters waters and has earned himself a time out in the favored “boat” Somehow I don’t think he minds. And pretty soon the cool winds blowing off the water send us running home for hot cocoa and animal crackers the way tradition usually does this time of year.

Before leaving everyones mood have shifted and it seems to have been just what was needed. I make sure to tell Landon thank you for the lovely idea but he won’t let us leave until I promise to come back tomorrow with a bolder to brake away all the ice for summer.


We both smile at each other, If only winter worked that way….but as gorgeous as “our” lake looks today some large pebbles will do till the warmth of spring comes and melts the ice and warms our cheeks.