A Bit Of Us

img_2347” Tiny clicks and glimpses of our little world, capturing blessings beyond what we deserve….”

Thank you for visiting our little nook of the Pacific North West. I’m married to my Handsome and Mommy to three little men. The frills in my life I find in mud mustaches and the flowers in my life given to me in little boquets of dandelions. My husband and I are striving to cultivate hearts for the Lord in both ourselves and the hearts of our boys. We are currently in the process of building a small cottage in the middle of what we lovingly call Maplewood Forest, just down the road from the shores of the beautiful Pudget Sound. This is a picture journal of our small but loved world and all the silly/wonderful things in it that interest us. We hope you enjoy following along!

SarahJoy                                                                                                                                               Collosians 3:17


Seaside Shenanigans 2017~ December 31, 2016


We get cabin fever easily in our family around this time of year. Considering where we live there are just to many beautiful places just waiting to be explored, or in our case the same one over and over and over again. You have choices of being up on Mount Rainier skiing down a beautiful slope or cozying in a cabin with your favorite book. You can grab yourself a hot latte and sit back to watch the water canals and islands of the Pudget sound pass by while riding one of the many ferry boats or just walk around the diverse and unique city  of Seattle with all its wonders. It seems like everyone here has their favorite spot.


Tolmie State park is that place for us. To be frank there is nothing very grand about it. In fact, it’s actually quite simple as far as parks go. No attractions, rides, zoos, food stands, or even a swing. It is kind of out of the way and not very many have heard of it. You wind down a steep little hill to what looks like a swamp and an old out building from “Follow me Boys”.  Just a few simple paths to walk your troubles away on, an old cabin to dance your first dance in, and a view that is staright out of a fairy tail. The boys have more pebbles to skip than they can hold and the crabs are fairly friendly enough that they stay under the rocks unless curious boots peek hello. We’ve found the perfect spot for munching granola bars and waving at sail boats or quiet kayakers. It’s a slice of heaven to us.



Today was the perfect day for a quick get away to the seaside. We’ve put all our Christmas decorations away and are so ready to put the old year behind us and welcome in the new one. This past year was a hard one filled with numerous challenges that pushed us harder than we had expected and we are in need of a fresh start. But this blog is about capturing those small moments of blessings in the midst of the struggle. The blessings like when this Little ran up just for the sake of a quick snuggle to warm his small hands before running back to “catch a wave”.  My minime melts my heart.


I tend to not make resolutions in the New Year but I do hope in the months to come that I make a strong attempt to live life more intentionally so that I’m more aware of moments like these. These are what I’ll look back on later in life with a soft prayer of thanksgiving. We have a busy year ahead of us and we need focus and lots of grace in our little family. Those are the moments we hold on to and the prayers of this little family for 2017.

As for me and my house we will serve the Lord“.  Joshua 24:15


Little lighthouse~ June 11, 2017


Loghan and I, hand in hand, snuck by and clicked this picture while trying to look inconspicuous, but in truth baby’s aren’t the greatest spy partners. No worries from the gentleman who gently waved and grin because he is living something special and knows it. Even though the sign on the porch says “welcome ” it’s as if this special place is only for the important, the select appointed few that happen upon it at the right time, right moment. It’s so simple and unassuming but seems to hold more charm than I can hardly stand. It’s this tiny little island’s lighthouse keeper’s home. One of two houses for those privlaged with keeping those waves lit and the other one is just as adorable but for some reason this one holds me captive. Each time we hop the ferry over her waters and then wind our way along the sheep littered countryside coastline, past a small single vinyard and just beyond a sunlit wooded drive we drop down and there it stands.



I’m in love how little and perfect it is. The beacon of hope for the local seagulls to gossip on in style. Her beaches on the north east side are breezy and usually free for roaming uninterrupted to explore the water logged fallen trees or hunt for impossible whole moon shells. But today we were counting on those sea winds to lift the sail of Landon’s first kite.


He had gotten it as a gift from his best friend/cousin Joey and could no longer contain his excitement to see it fly. Up it went on the first try and I’ve never seen a gleem of joy and pride in his bright blue eyes quite like that before. He was hooked and the rest of us went, off to find ourselves some treasures.IMG_4344

This was our first famiy outing in a really long time. It felt wonderful to just be for an afternoon, I think our little family is at its best when out in nature. Watching as we sailed away I’m excited to get started on the details of our new home and that little beach house is going to be a fun inspiration!