Our Little Abode

Maplewood Cottage~ November 7, 2017


We must have looked at over a hundred different styles of homes, purchased multiple floor plans, and spent countless hours researching just the right place to call home. It was quite the process juggling different preferences and taking into account how the layout would affect our day to day. In the end this gorgeous beauty popped up and we’ve decided it would be perfect nestled in the middle of the woods. We’ve tweaked the exterior a bit to create more of the beachy farm house look that we love and can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

It’s been an exciting week for us! We were able to finally complete the purchasing of our land. We had hoped to have broken ground and construction underway by this point but there were a few bumps concerning wet land and how it will affect the placement of the house. It’s is now looking like we won’t start breaking ground until early spring. However regardless of timing we know it will be well worth the wait!



A Touch of Spice~ December 21, 2016

This was our tree from last year. We went with a black and white theme for our Christmas decor. Notice the beautiful white fluffy stuff stringed so lovely across the tree? This was my favorite Christmas to decorate for to date. I had so much fun stepping outside the traditional red and white I grew up with.
Every Christmas I like to try my hand at a Christmas craft and last year it was stringing popcorn. I didn’t realize what I was taking on. Over four hours of pain staking ridiculous stringing and this beautiful inspiration came to life. It was perfect, and this crazy girl thought she would try her hand at it again this year…at least I was until I realized that I had bought the wrong kind of popcorn. *whoops*

So while the boys munched on the already popped corn, I did some searching for vintage Christmas decor and dried orange slices poped up; something that was popular in my Instagram feed and I always found myself oooing and awwwing over. Lucky for me good old faithful Martha Stewart came to my aid (Oh how I love Martha). She has a simple, fool proof recipe and in no time at all we were sprinkling sugar everywhere with sweet sticky orange juice running down to our elbows. Grab your littles to help cause this is a very kid friendly Christmas craft with built in snack!

I added some cinnamon sticks, clove, and fresh springs of rosemary around the slices to make our house smell heavenly and spiced! Once the oranges dried in the oven I let them sit over night. The next morning I tied little cream bows and hot glued them to the tops of each slice then glued the oranges to a thick piece of hemp string to make a lovely garland for our kitchen hood!

So simple, so elegant. The oranges add a fun pop of color to the kitchen. I’m so in love with how this year’s creation turned out and the special little touch of Christmas spirit it adds for the holidays. Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

Home Sweet wanna be Home
~ November 20, 2016

This post should be titled “To be continued….”. Always a work in progress and most often a two steps forward one step back game in our life. It’s been quite the journey turning our house into a home and honestly at the time we got married seven years ago I had no sense of what my own style was. It has grown and changed quite a few times over the last couple years. Slowly I’ve had time to make mistakes and discover Pinterest (which lets face it is like having your own personal interior designer) and now have a pretty good sense of what I am looking for. I’m open minded to the fact that there will always be an element of change as time goes by because…well a house of all boys does that. But I do a good job sneaking in the feminine clean lines with the rustic rough edges. Hopefully soon I’ll start to add a few more post over the holidays, my most favorite time of year to decorate!

How I Spend My Days~ July 9, 2015

If home is where the heart is then my home is in Heaven, but until that day we will fill this one with lots of beautiful crazy. Three little boys beautiful, loud, messy, crazy….(excuse me while I fill my coffee cup to the brim only to have to reheat twice which after another two hours of trying to drink will then dump down the drain and load these crazies in the suv and head to Starbucks!) It’s days filled with trains and legos, headed to car washes and blocks of endless castles filled with dinosaurs and just trying to keep little hands busy and and mommy from falling behind. It’s lots of little sloppy kisses and stories on my lap and “mommy your the only girl I’ll ever love”. Special evenings are spent on the patio with my Handsome enjoying the blessing of living our dream and talking about future dreams to come. It’s a house that we are turning into the place we call home.