Our Little Abode

Maplewood Cottage~ November 7, 2017B7A28F21-4F22-48B0-925F-2CB6100E39C5.jpegWe must have looked at over a hundred different styles of homes, purchased multiple floor plans, and spent countless hours researching just the right place to call home. It was quite the process juggling different preferences and taking into account how the layout would affect our day to day. In the end this gorgeous beauty popped up and we’ve decided it would be perfect nestled in the middle of the woods. We’ve tweaked the exterior a bit to create more of the beachy farm house look that we love and can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

It’s been an exciting week for us! We were able to finally complete the purchasing of our land. We had hoped to have broken ground and construction underway by this point but there were a few bumps concerning wet land and how it will affect the placement of the house. It’s is now looking like we won’t start breaking ground until early spring. However regardless of timing we know it will be well worth the wait!34E555B9-A23F-408F-9EBB-AB298F5DD257.jpeg


Remodeling an old love~ June 8, 2018

7061FD32-F911-46D2-9E9A-CD9617FE21DCThe first thing we were drawn to when we went to tour our first house was how bright it felt and I was instantly drawn to the kitchen that over looked a beautiful back yard. That was it for me. I was sold. My husband said he saw my face and turned to the realtor and told him not to show us anymore houses.The kitchen was my favorite spot in the house. I was in love with the cheerful white cabinets and the “wood grain” laminate counters…everything looked so airy and feminine with that touch of farm house I liked. But as time flew by,  fast forward almost seven years and cabinets were peeling, counters were daily needing to be hot glued down and outdated trim/flooring all seemed to creep up on us.Processed with VSCO with s2 presetProcessed with VSCO with s2 presetWe rolled up our sleeves for “DEMO” day and got to it! I was sad to find out that our house wasn’t nearly old enough for surprise ship lap or wood flooring but that was something we could always add on ourselves later. Making decisions seemed to come easy considering we loved what we already had from an esthetic stand point, we just needed to fine tune the cabinets to better suit our needs and I had always liked the idea of a dreamy range hood.Processed with VSCO with s2 preset50790BFF-31E3-4925-BE40-2FAFCD0B0FE0.jpegNo kitchen remodel is without it’s two step dance. Two steps forward, one step back. And ours was no exception. Our cabinets showed up a completely different color then we had expected, (who knew white could looks do different in different lighting), and our counter top sample was nothing like the slabs shown to us, (the owner of the comapny we used had to personally go to ten different fabricating shops to find something even close), and we were sold subway tile that had no matching trim, ( a fact left out till well after purchasing).690B65FC-C2A4-46C2-8492-440E0974DDA2.jpegWe were originally going to install hardwoods to the kitchen and dining room but by this point the market was doing so well that we went ahead and made the plan to sell our home so we could move and buy property which also ment needing a little less expensive option for flooring. We ended up adding a rich and dark beautiful laminet flooring that really added a pop of warmth among all the white. In the end we loved how it all turned out and also learned so much about the ins and outs, ups and downs of what goes into making a house feel like a home and as we move forward in the build and design of our new home that will be invaluable!


Home Sweet wanna be Home~ November 20, 2016

This post should be titled “To be continued….”. Always a work in progress and most often a two steps forward one step back game in our life. It’s been quite the journey turning our house into a home and honestly at the time we got married seven years ago I had no sense of what my own style was. It has grown and changed quite a few times over the last couple years. Slowly I’ve had time to make mistakes and discover Pinterest (which lets face it is like having your own personal interior designer) and now have a pretty good sense of what I am looking for. I’m open minded to the fact that there will always be an element of change as time goes by because…well a house of all boys does that. But I do a good job sneaking in the feminine clean lines with the rustic rough edges. Hopefully soon I’ll start to add a few more post over the holidays, my most favorite time of year to decorate!