Design & Build

Maplewood Cove Cottage~ November 7, 2017B7A28F21-4F22-48B0-925F-2CB6100E39C5.jpegWe must have looked at over a hundred different styles of homes, purchased multiple floor plans, and spent countless hours researching just the right place to call home. It was quite the process juggling different preferences and taking into account how the layout would affect our day to day. In the end this gorgeous beauty popped up and we’ve decided it would be perfect nestled in the middle of the woods. We’ve tweaked the exterior a bit to create more of the beachy farm house look that we love and can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

It’s been an exciting week for us! We were able to finally complete the purchasing of our land. We had hoped to have broken ground and construction underway by this point but there were a few bumps concerning wet land and how it will affect the placement of the house. It’s is now looking like we won’t start breaking ground until early spring. However regardless of timing we know it will be well worth the wait!34E555B9-A23F-408F-9EBB-AB298F5DD257.jpeg
Maplewoood Forest ~ May 10, 2017


Growing up I loved anything fairytale but the ones with woodland wonders were most favored. Enchanted and Sherwood forest, Hundred acer woods, and of course NeverNever land….they all had a bit of special magic that stuck with me.

I think it was probably only our second  visit to our favorite little park out on Johnson’s Point that we started looking for our own little piece of those fairytale lands. After months of searching different types of property and all that building your own home encompasses we walked what we now lovingly call Maplewood Forest.

It was love at first sight.

A pretty wooded six acer lot covered in a few fur trees, lots of thicket under brush for forging berries, and a wet land with beautiful lilly leaves….but it was a large  clearing with huge 100+ year old maples and dozens of enchanting ferns as tall as the boys that made this plot of land so breathtaking.


It took us quiet a while to prepare our home for listing and many moments I thought it might not come to be. You see it’s not alway true that when God closes a door He opens a window…sometimes He says to stay put or go to another house, or in our case build one while taking a step of faith in fully trusting and relying on Him.

We finally listed our home and were taken by surprise when it sold in just two days, TWO days! Oh my goodness so much less time for planning and packing but also a blessing to not have insane amounts of showings.


When we bought our home it was the first and only house we were shown; I thought for sure it would be our forever home and settled in for the long haul. Leaving is bitter sweet as we move farther from family, change to a different church family and start this little adventure; but we are very excited for what the future holds over the next year as we build and in the years to come.

If your out that way, keep a look out for a small white cottage to pop up in the middle of those magnificent maples and a friendly hello.