Our Traditions

Handsome little Martins ~ October 23, 2018


At this point in the year is it to early to start a New Years resolution….or now to late? Either way I’m really wanting to be more intentional about taking photographs as a family! We love how warm Autumn feels when thankfulness rolls off the tongue easily just taking in the glowing change of season. These kiddos of ours are crazy, passionate, and full of love for one another. Eager to jump around in huge piles of leaves and search for edible mushrooms. And the mud, oh my goodness the mud.


Last year at the end of summer we had the privilege of leading Landon to the Lord & watching him repent while committing his life to serve Christ. These young years are impressionable so we have been excited to see him slowly seek out on his own God’s Word and fearlessly sharing Christ’s love with others. Child like faith can be such a conviction of how our faith falls short in the mundane anxiety of adulthood.


Our prayer is that through the changes in Landon and through our Biblical parenting that the Lord would use us to reveal Himself and His desire for holiness in Lincoln and Loghan’s lives. There’s no greater season then the one when you put your old self away and turn to Christ’s forgiveness & love.


A touch of spice ~ December 21, 2016

This was our tree from last year. We went with a black and white theme for our Christmas decor. Notice the beautiful white fluffy stuff stringed so lovely across the tree? This was my favorite Christmas to decorate for to date. I had so much fun stepping outside the traditional red and white I grew up with.Every Christmas I like to try my hand at a Christmas craft and last year it was stringing popcorn. I didn’t realize what I was taking on. Over four hours of pain staking ridiculous stringing and this beautiful inspiration came to life. It was perfect, and this crazy girl thought she would try her hand at it again this year…at least I was until I realized that I had bought the wrong kind of popcorn. *whoops*So while the boys munched on the already popped corn, I did some searching for vintage Christmas decor and dried orange slices poped up; something that was popular in my Instagram feed and I always found myself oooing and awwwing over. Lucky for me good old faithful Martha Stewart came to my aid (Oh how I love Martha). She has a simple, fool proof recipe and in no time at all we were sprinkling sugar everywhere with sweet sticky orange juice running down to our elbows. Grab your littles to help cause this is a very kid friendly Christmas craft with built in snack!I added some cinnamon sticks, clove, and fresh springs of rosemary around the slices to make our house smell heavenly and spiced! Once the oranges dried in the oven I let them sit over night. The next morning I tied little cream bows and hot glued them to the tops of each slice then glued the oranges to a thick piece of hemp string to make a lovely garland for our kitchen hood!So simple, so elegant. The oranges add a fun pop of color to the kitchen. I’m so in love with how this year’s creation turned out and the special little touch of Christmas spirit it adds for the holidays. Merry Christmas from our home to yours!


Little L’s lessons~ December 17, 2016

We knew pretty early on that the Lord was leading us to choose either homeschooling or small Christian private school for our family. I was raised with both and it felt very natural to take on the boy’s education. Eagerly rolling up my sleeves and starting preschool, I pulled out a planner, a large calendar, construction paper and got to work. Over the last 2.5 years my hubby has laughed and remind me multiple times to pace myself and remember to enjoy this special time with them, especially while they are so little. Last year was the end of PreK, his second structured year of homeschooling.


We had so much fun filling our days with Abc crafts and coloring, Library story time twice a week, Tuesday Poetry teatime, Hymn study once a month, a few feild trips and lots of outdoor exploring.


This year looks very similar only with art journaling, daily reading and copy work, weekly science and history thrown in. Most days the younger two join us at some point for the “fun” stuff and then when they go down for nap after lunch Landon gets one on one time with Mommy to do his copy work. After which he heads to his room for a short quiet time of legos so Mommy can clean up and “peace”. ( This is where I do my happy dance, teehee)


Charlotte Mason has been one ofmy biggest influences. Something that has been an important take away for me from her books and material is to allow children to be children and to allow them to be children in nature. With three boys that has been life saving. It has been character building. Daily we find ourselves applying our lessons to our yard and weekly going for an adventure in the great PNW by way of a park, ferry boat, or barn run. If you follow us on Instagram I like to hashtag special moments #TripleLAdventures so the boys can scroll through and chat about their shenanigans or we can use them as reference for a lesson.