Little Ls & Their Adventures

Little’s lake~ January 20, 2017


Since Landon was newborn I like to grab a coffee and go for a little drive. The window goes down, jazz music goes on and I loose myself in the beauty of the countryside. But three boys in and well jazz has turned to whining and fussing a bit more these days and today was such a day…finally Landon pipped up and ask if we could just go to the lake and throw rocks. His go to favorite in the warm summer sunshine. This however was a cozy and cloudy 43 degrees out. Not exactly skipping rocks weather but I was just about game for anything that got us out of the car and out of the house so off we headed into the mist. Upon arriving other than an unamused puff ball of a Corgi and his master, we had the fishing dock that we call “ours” and what the boys think is their personal lake, all to ourselves. I never have the heart to tell them that we share it with great state of Washington and thankfully the little old men that occasion there to cast lines and sit in the silence with their years of wisdom don’t feel the need to destroy their dreamy bubble either. It is another little slice of heaven we’ve managed to sneak for ourselves.


This time of year there is a gostly silence as the nest have vacancies and the small sheepish minos are deep down in darker depths. The lake has iced over crisp and sparkling and we competitively skip our rocks over it to see who can slide theirs the farthest.


Loghan hasn’t quiet figured out the dangers of winters waters and has earned himself a time out in the favored “boat” Somehow I don’t think he minds. And pretty soon the cool winds blowing off the water send us running home for hot cocoa and animal crackers the way tradition usually does this time of year.

Before leaving everyones mood have shifted and it seems to have been just what was needed. I make sure to tell Landon thank you for the lovely idea but he won’t let us leave until I promise to come back tomorrow with a bolder to brake away all the ice for summer.


We both smile at eachother, If only winter worked that way….but as gorgeous as “our” lake looks today some large pepples will do till the warmth of spring comes and melts the ice and warms our cheeks.


Little L’s lessons~ December 27, 2016

We knew pretty early on that the Lord was leading us to choose either homeschooling or small Christian private school for our family. I was raised with both and it felt very natural to take on the boy’s education. Eagerly rolling up my sleeves and starting preschool, I pulled out a planner, a large calendar, construction paper and got to work. Over the last 2.5 years my hubby has laughed and remind me multiple times to pace myself and remember to enjoy this special time with them, especially while they are so little. Last year was the end of PreK, his second structured year of homeschooling.

We had so much fun filling our days with Abc crafts and coloring, Library story time twice a week, Tuesday Poetry teatime, Hymn study once a month, a few feild trips and lots of outdoor exploring.

This year looks very similar only with art journaling, daily reading and copy work, weekly science and history thrown in. Most days the younger two join us at some point for the “fun” stuff and then when they go down for nap after lunch Landon gets one on one time with Mommy to do his copy work. After which he heads to his room for a short quiet time of legos so Mommy can clean up and “peace”. ( This is where I do my happy dance, teehee)

Charlotte Mason has been one ofmy biggest influences. Something that has been an important take away for me from her books and material is to allow children to be children and to allow them to be children in nature. With three boys that has been life saving. It has been character building. Daily we find ourselves applying our lessons to our yard and weekly going for an adventure in the great PNW by way of a park, ferry boat, or barn run. If you follow us on Instagram I like to hashtag special moments #TripleLAdventures so the boys can scroll through and chat about their shenanigans or we can use them as reference for a lesson.

I’m a “Classical” homeschooler by instinct. I love…I thrive…on structure and routine. I love the simplicity it brings our loud and boucy life; but I have to be careful. One of the biggest challenges for me homeschooling has been to let go of the mundane and enjoy the crazy moments. I’m learning to embrace more and more not living up to society’s expectations of what education is any more than I would their meaning of religion, and looking to my children and their strengths and interests. At times that means stepping out of my comfort zone and allowing for things like “special” critter friends to join us for lunch or to grace our walls because they are part of God’s beautiful creation which fits in with what we are learning about this semester.

“Let them once get in touch with nature, and a habit is formed which will be a source of delight through life.”    Charlotte Mason

We enter each school year knowing that we need to look at each of our children individually and evaluate whats best for their needs and where the Lord would have them grow and thrive. So homeschooling might not always be in our future or just not for all our kids or maybe it is. Which ever way the Lord directs our steps we know that He will provide and we know that we need to embrace it for His glory. I know I’m going to sound a bit redundant with her but I have this quote that I read daily and pray over weekly by Charlotte that reads;

“All our teaching of children should be given reverently, with the humble sense that we are invited in this matter to co-operate with the Holy Spirit.”    Charlotte Mason

Landon has started reading his little BOB books and it’s been so much fun watching his face light up with excitement when he realizes that he CAN read!!! He is so much his Daddy and flying through numbers that we have moved on from K to first grade math, Lincoln (who turned 3 this past July) and Loghan ( who is 20 months) are learning through play and hands on activities. It’s amazing what they have learned just from what they have learned just from watching big brother go through his schooling. I’m excied to see where the rest of the school year leads us!

Follow along with our school year on Instagram by finding us at tinyclicksandglimpses #TripleLSchoolhouse


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