Clicks of our family

Handsome little Martins ~ October 23, 2018


At this point in the year is it to early to start a New Years resolution….or now to late? Either way I’m really wanting to be more intentional about taking photographs as a family! We love how warm Autumn feels when thankfulness rolls off the tongue easily just taking in the glowing change of season. These kiddos of ours are crazy, passionate, and full of love for one another. Eager to jump around in huge piles of leaves and search for edible mushrooms. And the mud, oh my goodness the mud.



Last year at the end of summer we had the privilege of leading Landon to the Lord & watching him repent while committing his life to serve Christ. These young years are impressionable so we have been excited to see him slowly seek out on his own God’s Word and fearlessly sharing Christ’s love with others. Child like faith can be such a conviction of how our faith falls short in the mundane anxiety of adulthood.


Our prayer is that through the changes in Landon and through our Biblical parenting that the Lord would use us to reveal Himself and His desire for holiness in Lincoln and Loghan’s lives. There’s no greater season then the one when you put your old self away and turn to Christ’s forgiveness & love.


Our Wedding ~ April 10, 2010




Our Engagement ~ February 2010

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